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El Rincon

acrylic on wood panel

10" x 10"


blog post 1

We in spirit are here to speak of the new reality that is formulating within human consciousness. You as an individual have the opportunity to participate consciously or unconsciously in what is transpiring at a collective level. Clearly, to participate at a conscious level brings about a deeper fulfillment within one’s life. But you may ask how is it that I can go about assisting in this new reality in what I perceive as an ever increasingly chaotic world? The answer is that it is not about that chaotic world that we speak of. If there is turbulence, a seasoned pilot would seek a way to fly above or around the turbulence even if it meant taking a longer route. Of course a commercial pilot may not have the luxury of this because he has a schedule to adhere to, thereby imposing this turbulence on his passengers. But you as an individual are not bound to such restrictions and you can navigate your way into a more complete and higher understanding of what is possible to be known, experienced, and expressed. Therefore everyone has unlimited potential to participate in the reshaping of consciousness. Whether expressed at a most personal level in your intimate life or on a global scale matters not for it carries the very same weight. Remember that you are here for something greater and to live your life within the depths of that consciousness will automatically elevate your daily experience.

blog post 2

Many of you are experiencing a subtle disconnect with the old ways of being.  On the surface of things everything looks about the same in your day-to-day life.  What is transforming on a larger plane cannot yet be measured in mundane form. Therefore you do not always know that you are in the midst of the shift that has long been spoken of.  You may be feeling that you are no longer able to relate to reality as you once did.  You may feel overwhelmed by the direction the world seems to be taking now. This sense of powerlessness is symptomatic of having left behind the old beliefs, the old ways of relating to the world. You are free-floating somewhere between what you once believed was real and the emergence of a new reality based on interconnectedness and light.

There is a natural evolution that happens within human consciousness.  It does not happen from the outside in, however, and this leads to a lot of confusion for many of you.  You’re waiting for the world to change.  You’re waiting for the world to wake up. The only utopia that is possible, however, is the one that resides in your connection with your inner spirit and that of the infinite.  This union is what brings you into the light truly and completely.  From this position you are able to channel your light energetically into the world around you.  This is how you create change from the inside out and it is the kind of change that cannot be undone.  A policy, a law, a rule, can be done and undone.  Those things are malleable.   When consciousness evolves it becomes something else and therefore it cannot go back to what it once was.  The true shift cannot possibly happen from the mundane level.  It can only come about as it is rooted in the highest and the purest and the most expansive.

It is important to understand that the reality within which you dwell is moving from the linear to the nonlinear.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t still abide by your clocks and calendars. When your consciousness is rooted in the experience of your interconnectedness with source, however, this redefines your life.  It takes a certain amount of courage to change the way you relate to your existence, your programmed response to the world, and instead give your attention to what lies within your heart.  Many will say, how can I do this and go about my everyday business of life? And we in spirit will reply, most of the things you do on a day-to-day basis are rote, therefore you don’t have to think about them.